Prompt payment of past due rent and costs is the primary objective of most landlords. Filing demand for possessions and following up with court filings of the complaint and summons for all past due tenants at the exact same time each month is your best strategy to accomplish this objective.

Your primary objective with non-payers of rent is to turn your property into the hands of a new tenant as soon as possible. For tenants who refuse to pay, you need an attorney that will file your cases promptly, follow through with appearances at hearings and file for the Writ of Eviction on the same day as allowed in your judgment for possession.

At Granata Law, we are experienced filing every type of Landlord-Tenant document with various District Courts in Michigan. Each District Court may have its own rules about how these documents are to be completed and how many copies are needed. At Granata Law, we know all the local court rules for filing these documents. Knowing all the requirements ensures that the time between the 7-day and the Writ is as short as possible so your resumption of rent income happens as soon as possible.


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