Most late-paying tenants get current sometime after the 7-Day and before the hearing date. At Granata Law, our flat rate varies so the amount you pay for an eviction is directly tied to when (or if) the tenant pays you.

Our flat fee is based on the number of filings and/or appearances with the District Court. The fewer filings, the lower your cost. For instance, if a District Court allows consolidation of tenants on the Complaint and Summons, you will not be billed a multiple defendant fee. Also, if the tenant pays before the hearing date, you will not be billed for a court appearance. Finally, if your tenant pays after the Judgment but before the Writ, you will not be billed a Writ fee.

Call Granata Law for a quote of our variable flat fee for your eviction case. You will be surprised just how little you need to pay an experienced lawyer to promptly evict a tenant.